This year, Cardiostim has decided to offer the scientists an innovative and unseen elsewhere EPdatabank that will put at your disposal scientific data such as ECGs and Epidemiology to facilitate the set up of scientific presentations.

Each deposit will be validated by the scientific committee in a relevance interest.

We are calling for data propositions and invite you to submit your documents.

Technical guidelines

The scientific data will be available in free download in the databank.

One image at a time, one image is one file with keywords and legend

Size: no more than 2Mo, in .jpeg or .ppt


Please note that any data submitted and published in the EPDatabank involve transferring --free of charge-- your copyright to Cardiostim. By submitting your data, you give your authorization to all Cardiostim website users to reproduce and use free of charge your documents.

For any further details, please contact Jocelyne Toulouse:
Phone: +33 1 47 56 24 56